There are many types of nutritional support pills on the market, these are supposedly created to help us improve and be healthy. We can find vitamins and minerals, plant extracts, and many more. Among these, some of the most appealing options for men are testosterone supplements.

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Before even looking at this so called “health enhancement” product, we need to learn what the role of testosterone is.
These are some, but not all, of testosterone’s effects on the human body:
· Building the male sexual organs, especially in young boys
· Hair growth, all over the body, not just the one found on the scalp
· Promotes sex drive
· Increases the amount of calcium that is found in the bones
· Helps in muscle building
· Affects the voice by augmenting the size of the larynx
· Speeds up the metabolic rate
Knowing this, you may understand why many men would like to benefit from testosterone supplements and the changes these can bring to their life.
However, you also need to know that hormones have a very subtle balance and nature doesn’t like to messed with. This is why testosterone supplements need to be handled with great care, and why you need to ask for a doctor’s opinion before deciding how you want to handle things.
If you are considering testosterone supplements to improve your fitness level, you should know that things aren’t that simple.
Testosterone supplements can help you increase muscle mass, but they might decrease your overall well-being, causing muscle cramps and other unwanted symptoms.
You need to remember that all testosterone supplements are steroids, and you won’t pass the urine test if you are submitted to one. Also, if not used correctly, your liver and heart could suffer damage, because testosterone supplements decrees the HDL cholesterol (the good one) level, therefore influencing the cardiovascular and hepatic function.