Cancer has many names; it was even called the disease of the century. Many cancers are idiopathic, which means that there are no known reasons for which they appear. On the other hand, there are scientists, who link cancer to certain deficiencies, and today we are going to talk about how a vitamin D deficiency can be linked to cancer.

vitamin d
Researchers aren’t quite sure what it is that connects vitamin D to cancer, but what they did find is that populations that are likely to be less exposed to sunlight, like those in high altitude, have a higher incidence of cancer, especially colorectal cancer.
This notion was linked with the vitamin D level (les mer), which is proper only when the subjects are exposed to sunlight in a certain angle. This angle is the one we obtain at midday… vertical.
So, you see, why people who live in the mountains have a hard time obtaining the best vitamin D level from the sun.

How can vitamin D prevent cancer?
It does this in a multitude of ways, among which, these are the two most important:

· Vitamin D promotes the death of unhealthy cells. Cells have what you could call a suicide trigger. When a cell is sick, and it brings harm to the whole, – the body – it shuts down. This process doesn’t go smoothly with cells that have mutated into cancerous cells, and tend to over replicate. When there is plenty of vitamin D to go around, cells “remember” their initial program, and go down without a fight.

· A proper level of vitamin D, helps the immune system identify and kill cancers cells. Sometimes, the mutant cells are no longer able to die on their own, and this is where the immune system comes in, and does what it knows best – it protects us by hunting down rogue cells.
Obviously, vitamin D is of vital importance, and the fact that modern society is focused more on the indoors, where we are protected from sunlight, could be the very reason for which cancer cases are increasing.