Testosterone supplements and enhancers are sold almost everywhere nowadays. The reason behind this lyes somewhere between the pharmaceutical industry and actual need.

It isn’t easy to know what is good for you and what not, even more so when you have a problem of unknown origin. This is why many men fall in the trap of taking testosterone supplements that they don’t need and that can even harm them.

about testosterone

In this article we will list the things that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know.

Testosterone supplements can cause you to lose hair. This is not a common known fact, ant usually the opposite is advertised. The truth is that the right amount of testosterone can give you long and healthy hair, and too much can make you go bald.

It can cause man boobs. Yes you’ve read this right. Men want testosterone supplements in order to be manlier, not more feminine. The downside is that too much of a good thing can mean trouble. That extra testosterone will transform into estrogen, and you will definitely not enjoy the result.

Prostate cancer can be a direct cause of testosterone supplements overuse. The fact that you would have too much of this hormone can leas to over flooding the prostate, which in turn can develop prostatitis and tumors.

Increased risk of heart disease. No matter how much we try, nothing compares to the real thing. Testosterone supplements, especially if overdosed, have been shown to lead to heart disease and timely death due to heart attacks.

Did you know about all of this? Probably not. Publicity is only focused on showing the nice part about everything. They accentuate the advantages of using testosterone supplements, forgetting to say anything about the dangers. So, watch out and stay safe.